Extreme Mountain Trail Obstacle Course and Ranch Riding

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Extreme Mountain Trail Obstacle Course and Ranch Riding

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What We Do

Play Days

Our Course Play Days offer you and your horse a chance to experience our Mountain Trail Course in a casual setting. While there will be no formal instruction during our Play Days, the staff of Double C will be on or around the course to answer any questions. We also offer Private Play Days for groups of four or more. The Play Days are a great way to learn more about Mountain Trail and make new friends.

Halloween Play Day

Come join us for our annual Halloween Play Day! This is a public event and costumes for horse and rider are highly encouraged! We start the day with a scavenger hunt on our Mountain Trail Course, followed by a costume contest for youths and adults and end the day with Halloween games on horseback. Prizes are awarded for each event. This is a popular Play Day and lots of fun! All are welcome!

Ranch Riding Schooling Shows

Our Ranch Riding Schooling shows are open to all levels of horse and rider and are consistent with ECRRA rules and regulations. Ribbons will be awarded to fourth place with a Champion and Reserve Champion awarded per division at the end of the day. This is a judged show with scoring and feedback from ECRRA approved judges. There are 4 divisions. Green Horse, Novice Rider, Non Pro and Open with a walk, trot class and a walk, trot lope class in each division. The horse and rider will be asked to perform patterns that include changes of gait, extension of gait, crossing obstacle’s and lead changes within their chosen division and class. Horse and rider should demonstrate relaxation and quality of movement in all gaits you are competing in. Shows are open to any breed of horse. Tack and attire should represent the working ranch horse.

Although our schooling shows are consistent with ECRRA guidlines they are not pointed or affiliated with the organization, HOWEVER we will be hosting a Full Slate Pointed ECRRA show. Please check our events Calendar and Facebook for show date.


Double C offers 3 types of clinics:
Mountain Trail Beginner, Mountain Trail Intermediate/Advanced and Ranch Riding.

Beginner Mountain Trail

In the beginner clinic you will learn the fundamentals that give you and your horse a better understanding of mountain trail. We will start with ground work and introduce you and your horse to the obstacles. This helps to build trust between you and your horse. Our goal in this clinic is to get you in the saddle and over obstacles while riding.

Intermediate/Advanced Mountain Trail

In the intermediate/Advanced clinics, we will further build on beginner basics. Our goal is to have riders more confident on the obstacles and to develop a solid understanding of how to negotiate the course under saddle.

We will also cover how the obstacles will be judged during a competition for those of you that are interested in competing in Mountain Trail.

What to bring for Mountain Trail

We strongly suggest bringing leg protection for your horse, a rope halter and a 10ft lead rope.

Ranch Riding

Ranch Riding clinics will address all aspects of Ranch Riding and competition. We will cover Ranch Halter and Confirmation, Ranch Rail, Ranch Riding Pattern, Ranch Trail and Ranch Round-Up. If you are new to the sport that’s ok. We will tailor each clinic to riders and horses level of experience and modify as needed. We will cover basics as needed such as rules, classes, divisions and attire.

Focus will be on refinement at all gaits and maneuvers required for Ranch Rail Pleasure and Ranch Riding Patterns.

In addition time will be spent on common Ranch Trail obstacles using our Mountain Trail Course and Ranch Round Up patterns.

There will be opportunities to ride actual patterns and trail courses with explanation of penalties and how to improve scoring.

The clinic will offer valuable insight from both a competitor and judges perspective.

We may offer other types of clinics throughout the season. Check out our Events Page for a listing of our upcoming Clinic dates.

Private and Group Lessons and Private Play Days

We offer private and group lessons along with private Play Days for you and your friends. Please contact Cridder Halle @ 301-370-5774 for more information and scheduling.

Stalls Available

We have a limited number of stalls available for rent. We have lights and water by the stalls but no RV hookup. However, you are still welcome to stay on property if you choose. Please contact Cridder Halle @ 301-370-5774 for more information or to reserve a stall.

Stalls – $25 per night
Strip and Sanitize $20 one time fee